Space Saving and Gun Preserving Gun Safe Accessories

There is more to gun ownership than just ammunition and cleaning supplies. As a gun owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that you shoot, store and handle firearms safely. When it comes to gun safe accessories, a number of different products exist that can help you uphold safety and responsibility.

Must-have gun safe accessories

Here are the 4 must-have gun safe accessories that will save you storage space, help you keep your ‘toys’ rust and scratch free and keep them hidden from unwanted eyes ( read; away from children, burglars et al).

  • Gun safe dehumidifier
  • Anchoring kit
  • Accessory door panel
  • Cleaning kit

Keeping them shiny

A gun safe dehumidifier is often overlooked by most people but you shouldn’t do the same mistake. Why? The dehumidifier keeps humidity levels in the safe on check thus protecting your gun(s) from rusting. These accessories come in different brands and types.

One of the most popular gun safe dehumidifiers is the Dry-Rod dehumidifier. It is plugged into an electrical outlet which channels current into the humidifier where it is heated by the rod to raise temperatures in the safe by about 3 degrees. The warm air rises and is replaced by cool air. This cyclic movement of air ensures that no moisture accumulates int the safe.

The renowned Eva-Dry dehumidifier is another popular option. It’s filled with silica gel (a drying agent if you remember high school chemistry) which absorbs moisture and literally locks it. Once it is saturated an indicator changes color to blue signaling you to plug it into a power outlet where it ‘dries up’. Both the Dry-Rod and Eva-Dry dehumidifiers don’t take up much space.

Enhance security with anchoring kits

Cheap gun safes are easy to come by but unfortunately, they too can be stolen. If you keep you safe in a place that is easily accessible then make sure that it is anchored in place so that nobody gets to them unless you want them to. In short, you need to install an anchoring kit comprised of thick screws fro wood or cement.

Be The Coolest Kid on Your Block

Isn’t it cool for you to have an accessory door panel with sets of pockets and compartments to put stuff in? This accessory keeps your ‘toys’ uncluttered and easily accessible. Nothing could be more frustrating and dangerous than looking for your pistol underneath a bunch of stuff. If your home has been broken into, this is not only inconvenient but also wastes precious seconds which you can’t afford to lose. Gun safes can also do the trick.